Orchid Pictures

The photos are a real visual pleasure.

Orchid pictures always come in a wide range of colors somehow like a rainbow. Since this hues are when the sun is very low and illuminate the blossoms from the back.

In general take the focus and the light from the brighter parts, this will darken the whole a little but it gives the right brightness and saturation for the whole shot. Use a long-lens and open the aperture as wide as possible to separate the object from the background after a bit of experimenting it becomes a great thing since you will hardly find a content with such great shades and natural expressions.

Great colors in the Kuala Lumpur orchid garden
Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

usually very saturated it looks great. The best time to picture the flower is late afternoon

orchid  nursery yellow and red plants
vanda with orange colors in a pot

yellow vanda picture
yellow dendrobium in a nursery

Cattleya with different shapes and colors.

Cattleya with Purple color
Two yellow cattleya in a nursery

Visiting a tropical garden or nursery for images.

This is like to be in a sea of colors, feast for the eyes with great pictures, all of them where made from us. We don't follow the quantity philosophy from Google we follow the quality philosophy we have. 

It takes a little experimenting to find the right balance, in general focus and the light from the brighter parts, this will darken the whole composition a little but it brings the right brightness and saturation. Take a tele lens and open the aperture as wide as possible to separate the flower from the background, this gives the best shots.

To make this pics is a great experience since you will hardly find again a content of such great colors.

orchid pictures in a nursery

In the nursery at late afternoon is the best time for shooting pictures.

growing dendrobium in garden

Dendrobium are some of the very popular plants they look good and can be grown in an easy way. No need to care much also indoors. The fragile blooms are real "eye candy" and a visual pleasure, this is the "National Flower" in Thailand and there is a reason for, read more.

Yellow red and orange orchid picture taken in the late afternoon
Beautiful yellow plants in a garden

Some delicate dendrobium plants in a nursery showing interesting colors.

growing dendrobium in a garden
in the nursery pictured in late afternoon
nursery and orchid shop with different plants

A nursery is a perfect place to shoot orchid pictures.

Pink red and orange plants in pots hanging
nursery and orchid shop with thousands of plants
orchid nursery in Phuket Thailand

More beautiful orchid picture with great colors are here and in a tropical nursery you will see thousands more. If you make holiday in Thailand the next time take some time to visit one of this places, it's worth it.

Beautiful Orchid Colors

beautiful orchid colors pictured in a nursery

Real attraction of this beautiful plants are the colors and because of hybridization new variants come to the market every month. A interesting direction are multicolored flowers although looking a bit "kitsch" they have their charm, read more.  

yellow cattleya in a nursery

Yellow plants are very trendy that's somehow similar to fancy diamonds of the same color and they look gorgeous just watch this cattleya above with the red center and the dark green background makes a perfect picture. To do it it need a wide open aperture on the camera it cant be made with most other even when taking a long lens, read more

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